food + fellowship in moldova


february 09, 2017 // chisinau, moldova

elena prepared for us a traditional moldovan meal: cornbread, chicken, and grandmother’s homemade cheese. it was wonderful.

between bites we talked about moldova’s complicated past and uncertain future. we talked about the fraught relationships between russia and america, russia and moldova. we talked about the future of technology and what it means for empathy. 

vitalie spoke with exasperation of his moldovan government, declaring that his leader might just might be crazier than ours. “he’s not my president,” he said, rolling his eyes.

i had to laugh. we’re really not so different. this man lives 6500 miles away from me in an entirely different, eastern european context and yet his frustrations and worries ring so familiar to me. and beyond that, we share the same hope—that our god is bigger than our deepest, most divisive issues. that the simplicity of the gospel cuts through the confusion and strife. 

of this I can be sure: the world will spin madly on, but we will always find rest in the solace of food and fellowship. i’m comforted by that today.