state of the union: september


In the glory of those notoriously-awkward junior high years, my friend Rachel and I kept a State of the Union journal. I don't remember why we called it that; perhaps the term was borrowed from one of our angsty teen flicks. Underneath one column ("IN") was a plethora of nicknames and inside jokes of which I have little recollection, and beneath the "OUT" column included whoever burned us or was not worthy of our emotional energy. And of course the trends and hot topics of that particular week were included as well. 

Anyway, I found that journal recently and I had the best time walking down memory lane to a time I worked so hard to forget. There's something to be said about returning to our old lists and scraps as a sort of roadmap back to who we once were. 

I think I'm going to resurrect the idea, but in a different (albeit more mature) form. And so, here is September's "State of the Union"—various things that I'm currently reading, listening to, inspired by, etc. (Totally borrowed this idea from my dear friends Annelise and Patrick!) I hope you find something in here that inspires you as much as it did me!


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  • I'm having way too much fun making home videos! Here's the latest.
  • Currently working on a meditation piece for Nations Journal Vol. 4. Stay tuned!

Odds, Ends + Inspo: